Guided tours

Guided presentation of the Vitlycke rock art site.
June 26 to August 20. Daily at 11.30 and 14.30, held in English.

Rock carvings by night - an experience out of the ordinary.
August 17, held in English. Start at the museum at 22:00. Pre-book at the front desk or call +46 (0)525-209 50, 150 SEK / person, 75 SEK / children or youth (12-17 years), or click here to book online.

The Aspeberget tour - an exciting tour of the Aspeberget rock carvings, ends with included refreshments.
August 9 at 15:00, held in English. Pre-book at the front desk or call +46 (0)525-209 50, 100 SEK / person, or click here to book online.

What's on in the Bronze Age farm?

Exciting activities happens daily in the farm during the summer. You can for example shoot the bow and arrow, listen to Bronze Age tales or experience how you go about to cast bronze. Click here for more information.


The Summer Solstice
June 21. The celebration starts at 13.00 when we decorate our maypole which we do in the manner of an old local tradition. In the evening we start 18.30 with music and food. We end our celebration of the longest day of the year with a torchlight procession.

Haymaking party
July 8, 10.30-15.00. Experience haymaking festivities resonant of a bygone age and play a part in meadow conservation at Vitlyckeängen. We will show how a scythe should be used to produce the best results. We will provide music as you work to ease the strain and to bring an added touch of enjoyment to the whole experience.

Bronze Age farm party
July 14, starting 15.00. One of our reconstructed Bronze Age house have received a facelift and to celebrate that we’re inviting you to a party with food and music in the farm. Café Bronze is keeping the grill warm. The Nordens Ark zoo is visiting the farm to inform about Nordic native breeds.

Feast of the Moon
August 6, starting 15.00. We celebrate the coming of the full August moon with a spectacular show. The Sukuma dance group Manungo entertains us with drums and fire. Enjoy the barbecue served by Café Bronze. Join in the workshop preceding the show.

Archaeology Day
August 27, starting 13.00. Archaeology day takes place on the last Sunday I August every year. Across Sweden. Join us for a 6 km Walk in the World Heritage Area. Experience another part of the Tanum World Heritage and enjoy a traditional coffee break (fika) out in the open air. Pre booking required +46 (0)525 20950. Cost 100 SEK or click here to book online. (new window)

Cultural Heritage Day
September 10, starting 13.00. This year’s theme is “Nature and Culture”. Join us for a walk among the standing stones at the beautiful Iron Age grave field Greby just North of Grebbestad. The walk is guided by a biologist and an archaeologist. Traditional coffee break (fika) out in the open air.  Pre booking required +46 (0)525 20950. Cost 100 SEK or click here to book online. (new window)

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