Vitlycke Museum, in the midst of the World Heritage area, offers a unique environment that can add something extra to your conference. Our premises and our outdoor surroundings in the area offer opportunities for creativity and reflection. Why not combine your conference with activities and unusual experiences? We tailor arrangements to the group’s needs and wishes.

In connection with the conference we can offer guided tours of the carvings at the museum or out in the World Heritage area and a series of different activities at our Bronze Age farm.

Suggested activities:

Rock art safari

This guided tour takes you further out to into the World Heritage area. We examine rock carvings, painted and unpainted, large and small. Weather permitting we try rubbing, the most used method for reproducing rock carvings, and we see how the images are brought out from their obscurity.

Activities at the Bronze Age farm.

An unforgettable evening in Bronze Age surroundings. You will try a series of unusual activities in the course of the evening. What about Bronze Age cookery, flint-knapping, firemaking or archery? Who is the best archer in your group? Who can start a fire the fastest? Why not round off the evening with a tour of the rock carvings by the light of a torch? This is an experience out of the ordinary. We see the carvings emerge in the oblique light more clearly and in more detail than in daylight. The archaeologist tells about the 3000-year-old images, the rock carvers and their world.

Try the work of an archaeologist

How do you find carvings in the landscape and on the rocks and what are the methods archaeologists use to reproduce the images? This activity gives you a taste of how the survey and documentation of the rock carvings is done. We do doing rubbings, tracing and painting carvings with chalkwash. Vitlycke’s attractive premises in a unique historical environment will make your conference unforgettable. Contact us and together we will work out a programme giving you a complete day/evening at the World Heritage Site.

Our premises

The library

Arrange your meeting among 5000 volumes of archaeological knowledge in the beautiful setting of Vitlycke’s library. Max 15 persons

The auditorium

Max 60 persons (cinema seating).

Booking information

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