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Program 2019

Picture from the Vitlycke museum archaeology school.

During the autumn and winter you’re welcome to explore Vitlycke museum and the World Heritage by yourself or together with our guides. The museum is open until 4 November, next year we’re opening again at Easter.

Guided tours

Guided presentation of the Vitlycke rock art site. June 24 to August 25. Daily at 11.30 and 14.30, held in English.

What's on in the Bronze Age farm?

Exciting activities happens daily in the farm during the summer. You can for example shoot the bow and arrow, listen to Bronze Age tales or experience how you go about to cast bronze. Click here for more information.


The Summer Solstice
June 21. The celebration starts at 11.00 when we decorate our maypole which we do in the manner of an old local tradition. We end our celebration of the longest day of the year at 15.30 with a torchlight procession.

Rock art tattoo
July 16, 10.00-18.00. In connection with our exhibition on rock art tattoos, we organize a day that includes henna tattoo, workshops in screen printing and drawing as well as the opportunity get your very own rock art tattoo.


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