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About Vitlycke museum

Vitlycke Museum is an experience and knowledge center for the Tanum World Heritage area. We communicate about the Bronze Age and World Heritage - increasing knowledge and interest in the epoch, the landscape and our rock carvings. Here you can read more about us.

About Vitlycke museum

What is Vitlycke museum?

We offer you unique insights into the Bronze Age world and a great experience for the whole family. Be amazed by the cultural landscape from 8,000 years ago and the enigmatic treasure of images that have been included in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Organization and history

There has been a museum at Vitlycke since 1976 when the Tanum Rock Carving Institute was built and still today we’re an experience and knowledge center for the Tanum World Heritage area.


The World Heritage preeschool

The natural and cultural profiled World Heritage preschool is run by Tanum municipality together with Vitlycke museum. The approach and the educational method springs from the UN’s Children’s Convention aswell as from the World Heritage Convention.

Foundation for documentation

Vitlycke Museum cooperates as a partner with the Foundation for Documentation of Bohus County Petroglyphs, which works for the reproduction and therefore the preservation of the pictorial treasure that exists in the form of rock carvings in Bohuslän.

Updated: 2017-01-18 09:57