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The summer solstice 20/6

en brygga med människor med eld i förgrunden.

Since ancient times, people have worshipped the sun and followed its journey from early spring to late summer. The summer solstice celebrates fertility, love, and the return of summer. Welcome to Vitlycke Museum on June 20th for an evening honoring the sun.

Thursday June 20th

  • 11:30 Storytelling with "Hörsägen" (children of all ages)
  • 13:00 Storytelling with "Hörsägen" (children of all ages)
  •  13:30 we will begin the celebration by dressing "Maja" (the maypole) with flowers and greenery, following the ancient local tradition of Bohuslän.
  • At 17:30, we will raise our "Maja" in the Bronze Age farm.
  • At 18:00, there will be dancing around the maypole.
  • Following that (around 18:45), we will finish at the sacrificial bog.

At dusk, the boundary between the human world and the realm of the supernatural is thinner than usual, and nature is brimming with magical forces. We'll end with a collective walk to the sacrificial bog, where beings and goddesses from ancient times hide in the mist. Welcome to share a magical evening with us.


The celebration takes place in the Bronze Age farm located about 50 meters behind the museum. The sacrificial bog is a small lake situated in the forest behind the museum.

Who can participate in the summer solstice celebration?

All children and adults are welcome to celebrate. All activities are rooted in old traditions and have no religious affiliation. We celebrate the arrival of summer and the beautiful nature together.


Free admission for children under 20 years.

Entrances information.

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