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Talk:Frederik Seersholm 8/10

Man med keps och lila tröja tittar in i kameran

8 OCTOBER 1 PM. Disease and family ties in Stone Age Sweden: Stories from ancient DNA. 5000 years ago, towards the end of the stone age, the ancient population of humans that lived in Northern Europe seems to have disappeared. - What happened with them? IN ENGLISH ONLY

Talk with Frederik Seersholm about his research and analyzing genetic code (DNA) from the Stone Age in Sweden. In Sweden the people that built the large stone graves (megaliths) across the landscape vanish for unknown reasons. It is not known whether they left on purpose, or if they succumbed to some sort of catastrophic event like war, famine, or disease.
Frederik have been analyzing the genetic code (DNA) of skeletons buried in these megaliths across southern Sweden in an attempt to understand why they disappeared. It turns out that the stone age people of Sweden lived together in close knit societies of large extended families, and that each family member was buried according to their place in the family tree.Surprisingly, he also found DNA from some of the diseases that infected each person at the time of death.

"By analysing the genetic code of these diseases, I found out that a very large fraction of buried people might have died from an early form of the plague." Frederik Seersholm

For his talk at Vitlycke museum on October the 8th, he will take you through some of these findings, and talk about the exciting results that ancient DNA research have produced.

This talk will take place at the Vitlycke museum and also be livestreamed during the event.

-OBS- This talk will only be in english

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