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Harvest Festival 9/9

Två händer håller fram en nyskördad majrova.

A warm welcome to the harvest festival at Vitlycke museum, we cook and offer historical flavors and dishes made with the best local ingredients.

Harvest festival in the bronze-age farm 11-14

In addition to crops from our own cultivation, we offer grilled lamb, homemade cheese and other food with flavors of the Bronze Age.

We will offer you home-made cheese, grilled lamb and other food with a taste of the bronze-age.

Harvest swap

Do you have more zucchini than you can eat? Maybe you made to much lingon jam and like to share your success?

How it works:

  1. Bring your veggies and /or jars, inlaid.
  2. Put them on the table in the bronze-age farm.
  3. Swap with others harvests
  4. Mingle, taste some bronze age food, and have a nice time!


The museum isn’t responsible for the food visitors bring with them. Double check what plant etc you brought with you before you eat them.

Free entrance and everyone is welcome. Very welcome to visit our bronze-age farm Saturday 9 September!


Updated: 2023-09-05 11:50