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Guided tours

The guide pouring water of a rock carving.

Vitlycke Museum offers guided tours and presentations for groups of different sizes. They are designed for both private individuals and companies, bus tour operators and, not least, schools. You can get anything from a brief 30-minute introduction to the World Heritage Site to a four-hour guided tour, visiting carvings that are far from roads and tourist routes.

Introduction to the Tanum World Heritage Site

A brief introduction to the World Heritage Site and Vitlycke Museum. A guide will tell about the rock carvings and give a presentation of Vitlycke Museum, with the aid of digital technology.

30 min │ Max 70 persons/guide │ 500 SEK

The Spear God’s panel: rock art for everyone

Together we go through the World Heritage Site to the Litsleby panel. The guide gets on the bus at the museum and talks about World Heritage during the journey (2 km). The carvings are easy to reach, are close to the car park and have ramps for Zimmer frames and wheelchairs, as well as information for the visually handicapped. On the panel we are met by a 2,3 meter tall man armed with a spear and surrounded by an armada of ships. We discuss the Bronze Age and the time of the rock carvingers, and about the knowledge that we possess today concerning the images.

1 hour │ Max one bus/guide │1000 SEK

The Vitlycke panel and the Bronze Age farm: the Bronze Age in 60 minutes

The carved images on the Vitlycke panel were created long ago by the people who lived in Tanum at that time. The panels has hundreds of carvings that speak of life, death, fertility and other things important in people’s lives, then as now. The Bronze Age farm gives you an experience of daily life, how people and animals lived close together, through the changing seasons.

1 hour│Max 40 persons/guide │1000 SEK 

The World Heritage tour – if you want to see more, to understand more…

The World Heritage Area contains several major sites of rock carvings. We visit a couple of them and go more deeply into the large number of images, comparing similarities and differences in the detail, exploring the landscape and the position of the panels. What do the images and the sites tell us? What links can we make with other places in the world where similar pictures have been found? The most suitable panels for your group can be discussed when booking.

2½ hours │ Max one bus │ 3000 SEK 

Night tour: rock carvings in the dark

Viewing the rock carvings by the light of a torch is a memorable experience. We see the images appear, in oblique light, clearer and in more detail than by daylight. The guide tells you about the 3000-year-old images, about the rock carvers and their world. Wrap up warm for a night time adventure on the rocks, and by all means, bring a torch for your own explorations in the dark. Night tours can be booked between 6th of August and 20th of May, as long as the panel is ice-free.

1½ hours │ Max 25 persons │ 4000 SEK

The hidden World Heritage

One of Vitlycke Museum’s archaeologists takes you along to their favourite rock carvings, well beyond the main tourist routes. Together we examine the images, the landscape and the position of the panels. Using water and rubbing techniques we bring out rock carvings that are invisible to the naked eye.

Approx. 2 hours │ Max 20 persons │ 3000 SEK

A rock-carving experience

This tour may change you, possibly for life! Its course through the 8000-year-old landscape is a journey in time and space. It takes you to the important large carvings that have been left unpainted. A must for all those who are particularly interested in both enjoying the countryside and studying the unique treasure represented by the rock carvings.

Approx. 4 hours │ Max 25 persons │ 6000 SEK

Booking information

Contact us for more information or to book a tour:

Tel. +46 705-84 58 29


Any transport needed to and from the rock-carving areas is the responsibility of the customer.

Download information about Vitlycke museum's guided tours.

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