The Summer Solstice at Vitlycke museum 21 june

Rock carving with flowers

The Norse midsummer celebration has ancient roots. This, the longest day of the year, was celebrated in pre-historic, pre-Christian days. We celebrate fecundity and all the life-giving forces in nature; the mysteries of life and love.

The celebration starts at 13.00 when we decorate our maypole (the word may stem from maja which literally means to decorate with greenery) which we do in the manner of an old local tradition.

At 14.00 there will be music and food. We end our celebration of the longest day of the year at 15.30 with a torchlight procession.

Welcome to a magical day and evening on Vitlycke Museum and Tanum World Heritage!

Updated: 2019-05-20 08:16