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Visit the rock carvings in Tanum world heritage

vy över aspebergets hällristningar.

Discover the fascinating heritage of the Tanum rock carvings and its surrounding cultural historical treasures through our guided tours. You can also wander around at your own pace and discover the unique carvings. Below you will find more information about what you can discover in the World Heritage area.


Within the Tanum rock carvings World Heritage site, there are several visitor destinations. On the map, you can see where the different rock carvings are located, hiking trails within the World Heritage site, as well as Vitlycke Museum.

Rock carving sense – practical info

Do not walk on rock carvings. The rocks are damaged by weathering and very fragile. Read more about Rock Etiquette on the Tanum World Heritage's own website.

Guided tours

Vitlycke Museum offers guided tours for groups of all sizes. From one-hour tours of the Vitlycke Rock Carvings to four-hour excursions exploring places beyond beaten path, there's something for everyone. Tours must be booked in advance and are subject to weather conditions.

rock carvings with bulls and ships.

Visit Tanum rock carvings

Within the World Heritage area, there are four visitor destinations with parking lots, walkways, and signs: Vitlycke, Aspeberget, Litsleby, and Fossum. Additionally, Litsleby is wheelchair accessible.

woman viewing the exhibition.

Skräddö - resting place

Visit Skräddö in the Tanum World Heritage site for a unique resting stop experience with the opportunity for picnics, restrooms, an exciting exhibition about the World Heritage site, and a fantastic view of the landscape.

unpainted rock carving with boat and figures sumersauling.

Hiking in the world heritage

This is a 6 km path that takes you to three different places with exciting rock carvings: Lövåsen with its shaman, the Gerum panel with the flying swing and Sotetorp with ships full of people doing backward somersaults.

Updated: 2024-03-04 13:17