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Rock Art Shop

Filtar, bronsfiguriner och höstiga varor

In the beautiful building at Vitlycke museum, you find The Rock Art Shop that offers a great variety of thoughtful products with sense for history.

We have let the 3000-year-old art of rock carvings inspire to crafts and products with sustainable materials and quality as our focus.

The shop is cash free from 2024.

In our shop you will find jewellery, textiles, ceramics and glass with historical connection, but also contemporary design from well known brands. You will also find books about archaeology, the bronze age, cultivation of the land, geology, crafts and children’s books. We have literature in many languages and we that work here are multilingual. Some of our products are made with old techniques and are specially designed for us. Local producers and designers are also represented in the shop.

When you shop in our store you are supporting Vitlycke museum.

The shop has the same opening hours as the museum.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to order products trough our website, but do pop in to have a look!


Attention all craftspersons and writers!

If you have items you think will fit into our assortment, please contact our buyer: Karin Spindel, 010-411 43 11,

Updated: 2023-10-24 14:57