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What is Vitlycke museum?

Welcome to Vitlycke Museum and the Tanum rock carvings in Bohus county. We offer you unique insights into the Bronze Age world and a great experience for the whole family. Be amazed by the cultural landscape from 8,000 years ago and the enigmatic treasure of images that have been included in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

People have carved and painted on rocks and in caves all around the world. Here in Tanum, people from the Bronze Age carved thousands of pictures on the smooth rocks in the landscape. This collection of images is so rich in content and so distinctive that it has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

One of the highlights when you visit the museum and the Tanum rock carvings are the guided tours in Swedish and English that take place every day during the summer season. If you prefer, you can walk on your own among the rock carvings. You can also go on a guided tour at night-time, when you can see the rock carvings by torch light. That is a really memorable experience! You can book a visit to the archaeology school for the kids, or the whole family can go to the reconstructed Bronze Age farm and see how people lived 3000 years ago.

The Bronze Age farm

The farm has reconstructions of two Viking longhouses, one from the Old and one from the New Bronze Age. There is also a workshop where we show crafts such as vegetable dyeing and bronze casting in the summer season. You can try shooting with a bow and arrows, carding wool and other things. The sheep roam freely around the houses and behind the yard is the pig run. We grow plants that are as close as possible to the Bronze Age crops: emmer wheat, einkorn wheat, millet, grey-eye beans, broad beans etc.

The exhibition: Images - Bronze - Stories

The exhibition takes you on a journey back through time to the Bronze Age world. You will meet Akaz, Nenna, Alawin, Glicc and Gläär - people we have re-created from archaeological findings in tombs and settlements.

In the story of their lives and adventures, you get a real insight into what life was like in Tanum 3000 years ago.

Rock Art shop

The Rock Art Shop is a beautiful, exciting and well-stocked museum shop. The books on sale cover everything from children in the Bronze Age and the wonderful world of rock carvings to modern research on topics such as archaeology, ecology, philosophy and religion.

Café Bronze

If you fancy a coffee you can visit Café Bronze, where you can sit in a beautiful, relaxing location and look out over the World Heritage Site.

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