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Vitlycke museum


Vitlycke museum is a knowledge and experience center in Tanum World Heritage site - an area of about 600 rock art sites. Here you can experience world class rock art and explore the Bronze Age world. Join a guide or walk by yourself among the carvings and reconstructed Bronze Age buildings. At the museum you will find a cafe, shop and an exhibition that is a dramatic story for the whole family.

What´s on?

Opening hours & information

Opening hours 2020

9 - 13 April 10.00-16.00
18-19 & 25-26 April 10.00-16.00
1 May - 31 August 10.00-18.00
1 September - 1 November 10.00-16.00

Free admission

Café Bronze

Rock Art shop

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Bild från Instagram
These two fellows are a part of a crew on a boat on the Vitlycke panel. The image is very reminiscent of the famous Grevensvænge find from South Zealand in Denmark (2nd pic, by Marcus Schnabel, 1779.). The find consists of small bronze figures, including two men with horned helmets and broad-axes. One idea is that the figures were mounted on a now lost boat. The pair, or twin, theme is something we find in many cultures from different epochs and parts of the world. Examples include Frey and Freya from Norse mythology, Castor and Pollux from Greek and Roman mythology, and Hinduism’s Ashvins, who were the twin gods of medicine.