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Guided tours

Vitlycke Museum offers guided tours and presentations for groups of different sizes. They are designed for both private individuals and companies, bus tour operators and, not least, schools. You can get anything from a brief 60-minute introduction to the World Heritage Site to a four-hour guided tour, visiting carvings that are far from roads and tourist routes.

Spear god rock carvings.

The Spear God’s panel ~1 hour~

The Litsleby Rock Carvings are the most accessible rock carvings in the World Heritage. The most famous rock carving on this panel is called the Spear God. It is 230 cm long and the tallest human figure in Scandinavia.

Rock carvings boats.

The Vitlycke panel in 60 minutes

At this panel there are almost a hundred ships, the longest being over 3 meters. The rock panel also contains 87 human figures, including the most famous rock carving in the world heritage – The Bridal Couple.

woman with flashlight and unpainted carving.

Night tour ~1,5 hour

Discover the enchantment of the Bronze Age under the night sky when rock carvings come to life. Witness the mesmerizing 3D effect as ancient motifs emerge from the rock, illuminated by the gentle glow of your flashlight. Immerse yourself in a captivating journey through time.

animals rock carvings painted.

The World Heritage tour ~2,5 hour~

There are over 600 rock carving locations within the Tanum World Heritage site. Customize your guided tour by selecting sites that suit your group's preferences. Allow us to create a personalized experience, seamlessly blending history and exploration for an unforgettable journey through Tanum's captivating landscapes.

unpainted rock carvings behind trees.

The hidden World Heritage ~2 hours

Embark on an extraordinary journey as our archaeologists reveal the hidden gems within the World Heritage site. Participate in an engaging experience, trying out various techniques to uncover the secret rock carvings. This is your chance to actively contribute to the exploration of ancient wonders with our expert guides. Don't miss out on this captivating adventure!

sunrise above trees.

A rock-carving experience ~4 hours

Embark on a transformative journey through an 8000-year-old landscape, where unpainted rock carvings stand as silent witnesses to nature's enduring beauty. This tour invites nature enthusiasts to connect with both the ancient past and untouched wilderness, offering a profound experience that may linger in the heart for a lifetime.

Updated: 2024-01-18 13:22