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Night tour: rock carvings in the dark

hällrisningar på natten med stjänor ovanför.

The best way to discover rock carvings is in the darkness, with the help of a flashlight's faint beam. Accessibility varies depending on which panel we visit.

Viewing the rock carvings by the light of a torch is a memorable experience. We see the images appear, in oblique light, clearer and in more detail than by daylight. The guide tells you about the 3000-year-old images, about the rock carvers and their world. Wrap up warm for a night time adventure on the rocks, and by all means, bring a torch for your own explorations in the dark.

Night tours can be booked between 6th of August and 20th of May, if the panel is ice-free.

🕢 1,5 hour 💰 4000 kr 👥 Max 25 persons


To book a tour, please contact us: Email:

We accept bookings year-round, except for when the rock carvings are covered in snow and ice.

The organizer is responsible for any transportation to and from the rock carving areas.

Updated: 2024-01-10 16:07