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Skräddö - a gateway to the Tanum World Heritage

Skräddö is a rare combination of a resting stop, a World Heritage exhibition and a time machine that takes us back to the world of the Bronze Age. Here you can learn about the history of the landscape in relation to the rock carvings, travelling practices then and now, and not least the idea behind the World Heritage sites worldwide.

The Tanum World Heritage rest stop at Skräddö opened in summer 2015 and is an exciting introduction to the area! It is located by the E6 motorway in northern Bohuslän just south of Tanumshede and is the latest addition to the many interesting sights in the area. Skräddö functions both as an entrance to the World Heritage and as a place where you can go when want to learn more after visiting the rock carvings and Vitlycke museum.

In addition to the facilities you normally find at a rest stop, for example an opportunity to eat your own picnic and rest rooms, there is also a very popular exhibit on World Heritage and a great view of the landscape.

Rock carvings, landscape and travelers

The exhibition at the rest stop deals with subjects that are not included in the exhibition at Vitlycke Museum or the information signs at the rock carvings. You can come here before heading out into the countryside or looking to broaden your knowledge of the Tanum World Heritage Site.

The exhibition focuses on four different tracks as starting points for the Tanum World Heritage story.


- how has the landscape changed from the time then the first inhabitants came to Tanum for eight thousand years ago? From archipelago to today's forest and agricultural landscapes.


- why has people traveled through the countryside? Why and how did they do it? We tell the story about the Stone Age hunters in their log boats, the railway and the E6 and what has happened in between.

World Heritage idea

- why do the World Heritage List exisit, and how did it came to be? Through examples from the World Heritage List, we put the Tanum petroglyphs in their global context.

The rock carvings

- there's no rock art in this part of Tanum World Heritage are, but why is it so? Here you can also experience the four most famous rock carvings via interactive panoramic images.

A beautiful view of the World Heritage

There are few places in Tanum that has an equally good view of the World Heritage area than this rest stop. A 100 meter long footbridge leads out to a vantage point where you see the whole cultural landscapes around plain of Tanum, the central area of ​​the World Heritage. On clear days you can see the Väderö islands, 22 km away!

The rest stop Tanum World Heritage is funded by the Swedish Transport Administration. The World Heritage Management Council three parties: County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland, the municipality of Tanum and Regional Development within the Västra Götaland region has funded the exhibition and other content on the site.


The rest stop is located by the E6 motorway, 3.3 km south of Tanum junction (exit 105).


WGS84 DD (LAT, LONG): 58.69748, 11.38978

WGS84 DDM (LAT, LONG): N 58° 41.8488', E 11° 23.3865'

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