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Café Bronze

If you fancy a coffee you can visit Café Bronze, where you can sit in a beautiful, relaxing location and look out over the World Heritage Site.

Opening hours Café Bronze

Café Bronze is open during the same hours as the museum.

Opening hours Vitlycke museum

Café selection

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pastries, sandwiches and ice cream from Klings.

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Cash free

From March 25th to June 21st, the café operates on a self-service basis. You can pay with the app Swish or card.

Café Bronze does not accept cash.


For reservations or food orders for larger groups (e.g., bus groups), please contact café owner Jonas Sand.

For other inquiries about Café Bronze:

Mobile 0735 - 11 44 59 or email

If you're simply interested in enjoying our café experience and don't plan to visit the museum, there's no need to worry about an entrance fee. Feel free to drop by and savor our delightful offerings without any additional cost.

Entrance information


Updated: 2024-04-22 11:07