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The boats at Vitlycke museum

Lekplatsen med båtar i trä, med museet i bakgrunden.

Welcome to our new place for play and learning – The Boats at Vitlycke. The location is inspired by one of Scandinavia's foremost ancient discoveries - the Hjortspring Boat from 300 BCE, and tells the story of travel, trade, and long-distance contacts during the Bronze Age in Tanum. Here, children and adults can, in an inspiring manner, engage with the Bronze Age in Tanum and the world together.

The boats are located just outside the entrance to the museum. The playground consists of two ships that resemble those from 2500 years ago. On the hulls, there are pictures of items traded during the Bronze Age – bronze objects, amber, and animal hides. By the ships, there is a dock and Bohuslän cliffs, all made of wood and designed for climbing.

You are warmly welcome to play as sailors and traders and embark on adventures across the seas of the Bronze Age!

Read more about the ideas behind The Boats at Vitlycke here.

Updated: 2024-02-01 11:10