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Vitlycke museum is a knowledge and experience center in Tanum World Heritage site - an area of about 600 rock art sites. To visit the rock carvings, you need to transport yourself to various rock carving sites, in the World Heritage Site. - Below you can find information about Vitlycke Museum and the rock carvings sites with the best accessibility.

Visit the museum

Full accessibility information can be found in the Accessibility Database.

If you want to avoid stairs: Walk from the parking lot to the museum, turn left at the stairs and follow the path. When the path forks at the next staircase, turn right and follow the path, up the slope, to the entrance.

  • The museum has four toilets: one is large with room for a wheelchair. At the cloakroom there is a wheelchair you can lend if you need to.
  • Inside of the museum there is a reception and information centre, café, and museum shop.
  • There is one exhibition indoors. There you can learn about the life in the Bronze-age in Sweden.


Texten TD i gul cirkel och texten Tillgänglighetsdatabasen.

Accessibility Database

TD is currently the only database in Sweden that offers information to residents and visitors about physical accessibility in everyday life. This includes everything from fishing grounds, castles and hotels to medical centres, libraries and museums.

The spear god at Litsleby.

Litsleyby panel - Accessible to all

The rock carvings at Litsleyby are located 2 kilometres southwest of the Vitlycke Museum. The parking area is located directly adjacent to the rock carvings, and the large Litsleby panel is accessible with wheelchair, walker, stroller. There is information for the visually impaired.

Bulls, dears and animal rock carvings painted red.

Aspeberget panel - accessibility

The parking lot is located 700 meters south of the Vitlycke Museum. An accessible parking area is available, from where you can reach the first panel by wheelchair. The path around the mountain is about 800 meters long.

Vitlycke rock carvings and visitors viewing the panel.

Vitlycke rock carvings - Walkway

The parking lot is located at the Vitlycke Museum. From the parking lot, a 300-meter-long gravel road leads to the Vitlycke panel. The surface of the path is loose and uneven, and the slope up to the panel is moderately difficult. All carvings are filled in with paint and have information signs. Adjacent to Vitlycke panel there is a path that leads to several smaller carvings and to two burial cairns. The paths are equipped with stairs for better accessibility.

a child and woman dressed in bronze-aged clothing.

Bronze age farm

The Bronze Age farm is located 50 meter behind the museum. The farm is a reconstructed outdoor exhibition with longhouses that shows how Bronze Age people lived 3000 years ago. The path from the museum to the Bronze Age farm is gravelled and the farm has a stone path with an uneven surface.

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