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Foundation for the Documentation of Bohus County Petroglyphs

Vitlycke Museum cooperates as a partner with the Foundation for Documentation of Bohus County Petroglyphs, which works for the reproduction and therefore the preservation of the pictorial treasure that exists in the form of rock carvings in Bohuslän.

The Foundation for Documentation of Bohus County Petroglyphs works to produce pictures of the carvings before they disappear. Documentation is one of the ways of preserving the rock carvings for future generations. The Foundation is documenting one area after another in Bohuslän, looking for known rock carvings and searching for images and carving sites not yet discovered.

The work is funded by donations from companies, private individuals, foundations and funds. The Foundation for Documentation of Bohus County Petroglyphs is based at Vitlycke Museum. The result of the documentation is to be found in the series Archaeological Report from Vitlycke Museum, which can be purchased from the Museum shop.

You are invited to visit the Foundation’s website There you can read the journal recording their work on the documentation of the images, look at the finished results, read articles or find information on what to do if you would like to support their work.

Visit the foundation´s site:

Updated: 2023-01-17 14:51