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The Vitlycke panel and the Bronze Age farm

A combined tour with Vitlycke Rock Carvings and the Bronze Age Farm. The Vitlycke panel is about 300 meters from Vitlycke Museum. The Bronze Age Farm, an outdoor exhibition, is located approximately 100 meters behind the museum; you walk through the reception/shop to access the farm.

The carved images on the Vitlycke panel were created long ago by the people who lived in Tanum at that time. The panels have hundreds of carvings that speak of life, death, fertility and other things important in people’s lives, then as now. The Bronze Age farm gives you an experience of daily life, how people and animals lived close together, through the changing seasons.

🕢 1,5 hour 💰 3000 kr 👥 Max 40 persons/guide


To book a tour, please contact us: Email:

We accept bookings year-round, except for when the rock carvings are covered in snow and ice.

The organizer is responsible for any transportation to and from the rock carving areas.

Outside regular opening hours, an additional fee of 500 SEK per hour and per staff.

Updated: 2024-02-01 13:55