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Activities 2024

people at a smal lake.

The summer solstice 20/6

On Thursday, June 20th, we celebrate the summer solstice at Vitlycke Museum! Experience an evening of homage to the sun and its return from early spring to late summer, a tradition that dates back to ancient times and celebrates fertility and love.

guide in front of vitlycke rock carvings.

Daily tours 17/6-1/9

Join our expert guides for a quick and fascinating 30-minute tour of the impressive Vitlycke rock carvings, a standout site in the World Heritage area. Learn about the 3000-year-old rock carvings and the Bronze Age landscape in an easy-to-follow exploration of ancient history.

woman helps child with yarn.

Activities in the Bronze Age Farm 1/7-11/8

The Bronze Age Farm at Vitlycke Museum recreates life during the Bronze Age. Visitors can explore how people lived, see their homes and crops, and even participate in various craft activities.

a bay with rock carvings.

Bronze Age Festival 20-25/8

From August 20th to 25th, Vitlycke Museum is organizing a Bronze Age festival! Experience how the Bronze Age farm comes to life with craftsmen and activities.

woman holding beet.

Harvest festival 7/9

Saturday, September 7th, it's harvest festival at Vitlycke Museum. We cook food and offer historical flavors and dishes made with the finest local ingredients.

autumn leaves in front of rock carvings.

Autumn holidays 28/10-1/11

Welcome to an autumn themed week full of tales and crafts. We will end the week with a crackling fire festival.

fire show in front of the museum.

Fire festival 1/11

Friday 1 November. Celebrate a great season with us at Vitlycke museum during the annual Fire festival!

orange peel, cranberries and seeds.

Christmas market at the museum 7/12

On the 7th of December we are hosting a Christmas market. There will be handmade crafts in the Bronze Age farm and a ginger bread house competition!

Welcome to Vitlycke Museum's Event Calendar for 2024! Here, you can find all the times and dates for our exciting activities. In the Bronze Age farm, you can participate in activities that take you back in time – experience Bronze Age life and learn about ancient crafts. New this year is our thrilling Bronze Age Festival. Your portal to the Bronze Age awaits with a calendar full of events for the whole family.

Updated: 2024-06-10 11:02