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Daily tours to the Vitlycke panel ~30 minutes~

Guide framför vitlyckehällen.
Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Follow one of our guides to the Vitlycke panel, one of the largest and the most famous site in the World heritage area. The guide will discuss the 3000 years old rock carvings, the people that made them and the Bronze Age landscape. The tour is 30 minutes.

What will I see?

The Vitlycke panel is one of the largest in the World Heritage area. The carvings have been made during a period of over 1000 years, the oldest figures were made already 1700 BC. Here you can see a myriad of image: ships, people, animals and cup marks together with a weather god and the famous bridal couple.

Where is the Vitlycke panel?

We gather at the Vitlycke panel, located about 300 meters from the museum.

When are the daily guided tours?

Daily guided tours 2024: 17/6-1/9

  • 11.00 – English
  • 13.00 – Swedish
  • 14.30 – English
  • 16.00 – English


The daily guided tour is included in the entrance ticket.

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