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World heritage in 3D

The theme of this years ”cultural heritage days” here in Sweden is ”share the heritage”. In an effort to make the fantastic rock carvings of Tanum available regardless of where you in the world, we are now publishing a 3D model of the first of hopefully many of the most well-known rock carvings in the World Heritage.

3D models are nothing new when it comes to rock art. Previous efforts have however focused on documenting the surface of the panel and the target audience has been the rock art research community. Our goal is to use the same technology for the presentation of rock art in order to create an as user friendly model as possible, focusing more on texture than the complexity of the geometry of the model. This will hopefully make it possible to visit the site, for people who cannot do so in the flesh.

If you are looking at the mode using a computer, we recommend navigating with a mouse rather than a touchpad. To move around the model, hold down the right mouse button, to rotate hold down the left mouse button and zoom using the scroll wheel.

If you have problems viewing the model on your mobile device, try downloading the sketchfab app on Google play or App store.

Updated: 2018-09-07 11:34