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Vitlycke museum

30-year anniversary: World Heritage rock carvings in Tanum

Tanum was included on the World Heritage List in 1994. In 2024, the Vitlycke Museum will organize additional activities to celebrate the anniversary year. Vitlycke museum is a knowledge and experience center in Tanum World Heritage site - an area of about 600 rock art sites. Here you can experience world class rock art and explore the Bronze Age world. Join a guide or walk by yourself among the carvings and reconstructed Bronze Age buildings. At the museum you will find a cafe, shop and an exhibition that is a dramatic story for the whole family.

What´s on?

Entrance information.

Entrance information

On this page you will find all ticket information regarding museums run by Region Västra Götaland.

covered carvings with large fabric.

Covered carvings

Some of the carving in the world heritage area are temporarily covered during the winter to protect them from weathering. Here you will find information whether any sites are covered and therefore not available to see.

Book a guided tour

Vitlycke Museum offers guided tours and presentations for groups of different sizes. They are designed for both private individuals and companies, bus tour operators and, not least, schools. You can get anything from a brief 30-minute introduction to the World Heritage Site to a four-hour guided tour, visiting carvings that are far from roads and tourist routes.


The bronze age farm

The farm shows a different aspect of the Bronze Age from the rock carvings. The images on the rock carvings do not seem to have much to do with everyday life; there are no depictions of the artists’ homes, their fields or their pigs. But you can see these at Vitlycke Museum’s Bronze Age farm.

cinnamon buns.

Café Bronze

Vitlycke Museum's Café Bronze: Discover flavors in a historical setting.

wool blankets and figures.

Rock art shop

Rock Art Shop: Nature-inspired products with a historical touch.

Opening hours & information

Opening hours 2024

CLOSED: November 2023 - 24 March 2024

SEASON OPENING 2024: 25 March 

More info: opening hours 2024


Café Bronze

Rock Art shop

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